Sisters' Market      St Kilda Stalls



 Allouette                                               Joolz                                                        Love Eri
 Able and Game                                   Audrey's Nest                                        Carpets for Communities
 My Poppet                                            Odds and Ends                                     Alkmini
 Almond Tree Designs                           Bretzel Biz                                            Christine Battocchio
 Design Sejoe                                       Handmade soaps by Jules                    Ines Botanica
  Clucky                                                Dora Ruby                                             Elise Hurst
  Fawn & Milk                                       Janae Evans                                          Duck's Back
 Mulberry Tree Organics                      Shabana                                                Sunday Morning Designs
 Deb Sestak                                          Koolaman                                              Goodnight Sleeptight
 Maxymoo Design                                 Lab 305                                                  Reg Loves This
Knuffle Kid                                            Miriam Bereson                                     Mecino
 OIshi-M                                                Printspace                                             Rabbit and the Duck
Skin Crusaders                                     The Craft Revival                                   Wallallure
  Little Red Duck                                   Marita Madden Merchandise                Look at the Wall
 Meow Giftware                                   Paul & Paula Clothing                             Polly Pratt
 Van Go Coffee                                    Who Wears the Pants                              2-create
 Pam's Design                                      Record Attempts                                      Crazy Creatures
  Pinikity                                                P's Emporium                                          Redheads in History
 Bianca Bean                                       Sakki                                                        Retro Print Revival
 Anastasia Jewellery Collection           Cosmic Collars                                         Oskar Clobber
 Rileah Design                                     Run Wild Horses                                       Sorella Imports
 Sissy & Bro                                          Soul Sisters                                             Sandra Bowkett
  The Zipper Tree                                  Traffaux                                                 Twiglet
 Turtle                                                     Spiral Australia                                      Squirt Baby
 Alfie and Nina                                        Aromatic Spices                                   Luone

 Harper & Edie                                       Softbots Australia                                 Toy Lane
 Miss Wee                                               Redressd                                                Miss Haidee
 Dom                                                        Candle Lycious                                    Embelish'd
 Fringe Dwellers                                      Future Romance                                  Ginnypops
  Kajita Candles                                       Foundry                                                Little Chillies

   Cottage Nerd                                         Mini Envy                                              Max Fair
 Mucke                                                    Mudd Kids                                              Phoenix Trading
 Okt-ober dee                                            Nilly Design                                          She Tea
  Poppies and Pears                                 Scrumptious Production                        Tinker
Luce Handmade                                     Madz has Run Away                              Moederkip
 Jenniferkate                                            Two degrees                                          Maggie and Sparrow
More coming soon!