Sisters' Market

Brunswick Town Hall
 Saturday 29th April 2017
10am to 4pm

Outback Koala                Mecino

Soy Dreaming                        The Zipper Tree

Tigalf                             The Wolf and I

Studio Two Tee                                      Svelte

Fotini                                 Squid Ink Art

Nanna Woo                                           Fujinella

Olioko                                      Four Wicks

Tian Ceramics                         
Eleven Geese Jewellery                           The Hazelnut Tree

Annissa                                  Colour Work

Gemelli Two                                    Fabric Drawer
Flux                                     Kumo
The Giver and Co                   Songbird
Clem                             Elise Hurst
BoldandStriking                            Local Pantry Co
Ovazania                           Coconut Revolution
Atlas Argan Australia                                East West Textiles

Eden & Sloane                                     Merino Knits

Honey Ginger Toast                   Mina Concepts
Select Aromatics                               Harper & Edie
Eva & Mea                      Rose's Graceful Bear
My Vintage Obsession                                   Tea Envy

Soap Maid                                 Indah Koin

The Little Joys                              Loose Type

The Natural Flame                                 Annivas

Green Leaf Catering                 Miss Molly Cakes

Eddie Rose               Sprinkled Spice and Everything Iced

More coming soon!