Sisters' Market

Brunswick Town Hall

Saturday 22nd September
10am to 4pm

Svelte Studio                                     Clever Little Fox Dolls
Handwoven by Belle                  East West Textiles

Elise Hurst                               Kingston Dressmaking
Maple & Honey                                                         Christine Battocchio
WRAPPA Reusable Food Wraps                               Fancy Little Feet
Mecino                                        Flame of Phoenix
Essential Oils with Carly                    Harper & Edie
Tian Ceramics                             Robyn + George
Violet Hartley                                           Indah Koin

Green Candle Co                                                    Angie Izard Ceramics

The Essentials Lab                                  Fujinella
Bitey Dog                               Joy by Marie
 Kate Piekutowski                           
Uncle May                                             Sophie M    

The Little Joys                                                               Raigan J
BoldandStriking                                             Eva in Stitches
Annivas                                            Paula Zetlein Art
Slow Turtle                                                   Sarah Parker Designs
My Vintage Obsession                                    Kumo

Desirable Glow                           Conscious Choice Culture

Eden & Sloane                                                      Gathered Pieces
Cha Cha Fiesta                                    Emma Greenwood
Yarn Industries                                          Two Threads
Miss Molly Cakes                                            Green Leaf Catering
I Don't Give a Jam                                  Abruzzo Lab
Pickle Me                              Biscotta

More coming soon!