Sisters' Market

Brunswick Town Hall

Saturday 26th May
10am to 4pm
The Wolf & I                                        Ibah Botanicals
Over Easy                                                 Njoysit
Svelte                       Clever Little Fox Dolls
Handwoven by Belle                      E's Wardrobe

Elise Hurst                                    Gift of the Gab
Flame by Phoenix                         Mecino
  Essential Oils with Carly                                       Christine Battocchio
Grey Bird Studio                                  Violet Hartley
Kate Piekutowski Design                                  Akit
Bitey Dog                                                        Harper & Edie
 Green Candle Co                                 When the Cat's Away
Miss Molly's Dolls and Toys                              moJe essenstials
Stephanie Robinson Ceramics                           Kindle and Wick
Tin Lily Textiles                                         Brea Design Studio
The Little Joys                                                               Raijan T
Indah Koin                                        Two Thread Clothing
Lola & Pearl                           Miss Bella Design
BoldandStriking                                             Eva in Stitches
My Vintage Obsession                                    Kumo
B Jewelled                                Fujinella
Eden & Sloane                                                      Gathered Pieces
Tian Ceramics                                            Sarah Parker Designs
Double Scoop                                             Kiru
Karina Kori                         Brave Handmade
Miss Molly Cakes                                      Green Leaf Catering
Abruzzo Lab                                       I Don't Give a Jam
 Lady Madgalene                               Pickle Me
Biscotta                                                                       Maria D's

More coming soon!