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2015 July Stalls
Swede Little Things                    The Linen Lab
Victoria Eve              Synergy Glass Art
Little Monkey Print                                       Gift of the Gab
Lady Bold                                                         Little Birdy Finds

Ethical Creations            Marzrian
Bimbo Designs Oz                            Soil & String
JARR Designs                        Annivas
alittlecoy                  FreelanceDesigning        
Eucalypto                       Handcrafted Gems by RMC
 Flower Bird Flowers                BoldandStriking    
Mecino                                   Aya The Label
                              Alkove                           Manuela Igreja Jewels
Beautiful creations by Sarah                  Terrariums by Ella
Harry High Pants                         Natural Wonders
Northern Sky                      Pop Pottery

Kajita Candles                 The Upcycled Book Club
              Elise Hurst                                      Dharf
Kitty Kat                                               Mi Amor Candles                      
The Zipper Tree                            Nuri Jewellery Designs
@annick                  Popcorn Blue
Through Bambi Eyes                             The Green Mermaid
Frieda & Gus                   Smooth as Fruit
 Stick on Grill              Sticky Balsamic
 Beurre Cakes and Pastries                            Okay Kaya
Bretzel Biz                            Cafe2u
More coming soon!